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A Chance to Save with a Small Risk

Fixed-rate mortgages are nice because they take away the stress and anxiety of the next payment. You don’t have to worry about how much interest will be or how much principal will be next month, because it is the same every single time. For people with a steady income who plan on living in their house for a long period of time, fixed-rate mortgages can be just right. However, there are some people who prefer to go with an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) that allows interest rate to be on sort of a pulley—being determined by an index in accordance with the market. This means that with adjustable-rate mortgages, your interest may go up or down at any time.

The advantage of adjustable-rate mortgages is that you are usually charged less interest at the beginning than you would be charged with a fixed-rate mortgage. This also gives you a chance to qualify for a loan-extension if the lender is unsure about whether or not to approve you for a long-term loan. Once they see that you are making the payments for the first year or so, they will probably be ready to extend the loan.

The choice is yours, but there is no guarantee with this loan. You may save a large amount on your mortgage if the index stays the same or declines, but you are also taking the risk of losing if the market hikes your interest up.

Adjustable-rate mortgages are usually recommended to people who can afford increased interest in the event that it would happen. Keep in mind that often rates go up and down, so you could pay more for a while but make up for it when rates drop. Another big factor is your plans for your home. If you are fairly sure you will be living in your home for twenty to thirty years, adjustable-rate mortgage may be more risky than if you are only going to be there for ten. You will probably be able to afford higher interest if you are going to be selling soon, but if you are staying and the interest continues to rise or stay high, that may pose more of a financial burden.

Talk to a lender about the adjustable-rate mortgage and compare it with your other loan options. Make sure that you consider all aspects of the loan, long-term and short-term, before you jump to a conclusion and purchase a mortgage.

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