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Lender meetings

Many first-time homebuyers are nervous going into their first meeting with a lender. As with public speaking, the best way to ease your nerves is to prepare. While the exact content of lender meetings will of course vary, the basics are the same across the board. Read on to discover what to expect when you walk into your lender’s office for the first time.

As a side note, it is ideal to have this kind of meeting before you start searching for a house. Pre-approval is a great way to streamline the mortgage application process. It is also a great way to help determine what kind of mortgage payment your budget can accommodate. If you don’t obtain pre-approval, then you will likely visit the lender as the application proper begins.

Whenever you go, you should be prepared for an interrogation of sorts. Your lender will want to know everything about your finances. This disclosure includes how you’ve handled them in the past, and where they stand now. Your lender will scrutinize your payment record with other creditors to help predict if you will make your mortgage payments on time. Bring along paperwork and statements that help to facilitate that judgment.

You should always keep this goal in mind: you want to represent yourself as someone who will responsibly make mortgage payments. The more conscientious you are, and the more attention to detail you show, then the more you demonstrate that you will probably be a responsible borrower. Ask questions and try to be as involved as possible. Impressions are always important, so make a good one.

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