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Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA)

So that mortgage lenders can ensure they are forwarding on the very best, most accurate and most reliable information, they tend to appreciate the notion of aligning with a body of related professionals, i.e. the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA,) which holds meetings on a regular basis at which they discuss issues and areas of concern pertaining to their industry.

Employing the slogan “Investing in Communities,” the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) is dedicated to continuing and propelling the strength of US’ real estate markets, encompassing both residential and commercial properties; to increase the numbers of citizens that are able to purchase their own home and make housing in American affordable and accessible to all.

The MBA is a regulating body that maintains a vigilant watch on the lending practices that occur within the real estate industry, as a whole. Their plight is to weed out predatory lending activities, while encouraging those that are fair and ethical. Plus, they are a group that seeks to not only educate professionals in their field but also keep them apprised of developments and updates that happen on a consistent basis.

Based in Washington D.C,, MBA encompasses more than 2500 members emanating from the real estate, financial and housing legislative sects. Specifically, such professionals include those form mortgage companies, brokers, lending institutions, credit unions, S&L’s and life insurance companies.

Founded in 1914, the original named of the organization was the Farm Mortgage Bankers Association. In 1923, this name was changed to its current title that of the Mortgage Bankers Association in an effort to stress the importance being placed upon residential real estate financing.

Why such an emphasis on real estate financing?
Overall, the real estate financing industry provides a national forum wherein investors can align with persons (potential homebuyers) seeking available funds. Furthermore, the industry contributes sizably to the momentum of our country’s economic structure, i.e. offering employment, balancing out markets, stimulating communities and providing housing resources.

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