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Home Inspections

Before you buy an existing home, you will want to take the extra step of having a home inspection completed prior to finalizing the sale. A home inspection is a detailed investigation and a written report that provides you with the current condition of the home you are about to purchase.

A home inspection covers the condition of the mechanical systems of the house such as the air condition and heating systems, the electrical systems, the plumbing systems including toilets and faucets and most importantly the structural soundness and integrity of the home.

An inspector will also check for the presence of wood destroying insects that can be common in most areas and ensure that the chimneys and fireplaces are in proper working order.

An inspection is important as it will reveal if there are any problems with the house that the homebuyer isn’t likely to discover on their own. All home inspectors must be licensed by the state, if they are not, they can be held liable for a faulty report. A licensed inspector will check the foundation and if there is proper drainage of the property, inspect the load bearing walls, look for water penetration and ensure that there are no issues with the appliances.

They can also check the pool or spa if you have one and help you avoid what could be very costly repairs after you move into your new home. The home inspection is one element that every home buyer should have as it can also help you lower the cost of the house if, for instance, the roof needs to be replaced. This cost can then be deducted from the cost of the home as it is a repair that must be made.

There are several sources for locating reputable, licensed home inspectors including your states real estate office.

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