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As prices of homes rises each year, home buyers become incapable of paying a traditional 20 percent down payment for their home. Down payments are only one thing to worry about in addition to the entire cost of the home.

Finding a mortgage that you can afford and coming up with money for your down payment and closing costs can be extremely difficult and exhausting. You hear of so many loans, but don�t know if you will qualify or which loan would be best for you.

Just rest assured that there are plenty of loans out there, and if you review all of your options you are sure to find one that will work for you. First, you have the FHA loan option. This is a federal loan that spares you a large down payment, but will only let you take out a limited amount for your loan.

The loan caps vary according to the location of your home, but some of them may hinder you from receiving your desired loan amount. If you have a low to moderate income at the time of buying but know that your income will increase later, this may be a great option for you.

VA loans are loans offered to veterans and families as well as other U.S. military personnel. You are not required to make a down payment of any amount and you will be given a flexible loan amount.

If you need any more information about loan amounts, your local mortgage company will be able to go over your options and explain them in further detail. Lenders can also go through your personal home buying plans and assess your finances, which will allow them to better understand your needs and consult you on your best options.

If any of the major loan options do not quite meet your needs, there is always the option of private mortgage insurance. Almost anyone and everyone can obtain private mortgage insurance, and this protects the lender if you default on paying back your loan. With private insurance you are able to purchase a home with only a three to five percent down payment, but the lender will probably not extend as much to you in your loan.
Usually the mortgage company will pay 80 percent or less of the home�s value.

You obtain the private mortgage insurance through your mortgage company and they may charge you for the policy at the time of closing or on a monthly payment basis. If you fail to pay for your insurance, the lender will recollect 15 percent of the closing or down payment costs.

Although private mortgage insurance is an ideal form of insurance, it is also known to be pricey. Sometimes second loans are available to help with the cost of insurance payments, but if you can not afford the insurance then you may not be able to afford to pay back a second loan.

Another possibility is to use a down payment gifting program which is given to you by the seller to help make the down payment.

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